I would start with fashion industry – utterly irritating, self-cantered breed which thinks they can dictate us what to wear, waste global resources and make people slave away in sweatshops in order to produce some flimsy looking piece of clothing which is then sold for equivalent of my monthly rent; and if nobody buy it, it’s not even recycled- it’s thrown away.

Youth culture- why do you have to look hip and trendy in your 40’s and 50’s. 40’s and 50’s are for you to look and feel your age – you don’t have to spend thousand on botox, breast fillers, fake tan to pretend you are your daughter. In this, I’m siding with the latest Dove campaign and their pro-age adverts.

Celebrities – being famous for being famous doesn’t really cut the mustard with me. I can understand if you have talent to act or to sign, but if your only claim to fame is that your granddad owes a chain of hotels… forget it

Great Global Warming DVD – I agree with Claire, it’s a swindle of the century. Some companies think that they can use indie productions for their corporate purposes. I’ve heard about similar cases – a big corporation was refused to open business in Eastern Europe due to potential destruction of environment. In return they sponsored a documentary about global unemployment and how Green Peace perpetuates such unemployment and stops the progress

Arrogant people -those people who assume they know better just because they have slightly bigger desk or louder voice

Barbie dolls- I believe it’s a conspiracy to indoctrinate little girls from early age.

Kasha, 33, London