There are many things that should go in Room 101 like terrorism, poverty and people who are mean to animals and/or children, right wing conservatives and Paris Hilton but a few less obvious ones that I happily nominate are:

  • The Great Global Warming Swindle DVD – The people who made this are in my opinion utter scum. It’s already been dis-credited several times over by various organisations and the media. One of the men featured in the film, slagging off Greenpeace IS on the payroll of an oil company and regularly get paid thousands for publishing reports on their behalf.
  • People who don’t use turn signals – I am not psychic and every car has been fitted with them since 1939 for a reason.
  • Gossip TV shows – I know I work in the industry but seriously shows like The Insider, Access All Hollywood and Daily Ten are degrading not only to the morons who present them, but the idiots that watch the sensationalist rubbish they churn out.
  • Hummers – unless you live in the arctic circle or Sahara desert you have no business owning an ‘urban assault vehicle’ that does about 10pmg.
  • Passive Aggressive people – this means over half the world would end up in Room 101 but thats one way of taking care of population control!

Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach who feels a lot better for that.