A while back we had a little typhoon over here. [I say little because it was little. I am not sure it even ever made the official upgrade from “tropical storm” to “typhoon.”]

Still, it was typhoon enough to send us home from work, out into the mileu of seven million people trying to get somewhere else fast. It was typhoon enough to shut down the ferry service long before I could make it onto the last boat home. It was typhoon enough to create an eerie and empty Hong Kong. Thank you, Little Storm.

If you listened hard enough you probably heard me bitching about it all the way around the world. Yep, that was me. Whining about wandering and wishing I was wherever I could not be.

There was no real reason to complain. It was a forced calm once everyone who could get somewhere got there. But it took some time to accept that… 

At 3:00 p.m. the buses had been so full they didn’t bother to stop; taxis were unavailable; even the MTR shut down kicking everyone off one stop short of Central (not for weather, as it is an underground/subway, but because there were too many people in Central.) No one had been ready for the storm because we thought it had passed, but it got a little cheeky and made a u-turn. Clever, Little Storm.

Cheeky Little Storm
By 6:00 p.m. the city had changed. Totally. There was no wind; no rain; no traffic; no sign of life. Even the lights on the famous skyline were off. The MTR stations were deserted. The restaurants were closed. With out a watch or a mobile phone (now functional again after hours of jammed signals) one would have no idea of the time.

And there I was. No Little Storm. Lots of time.

There was nothing I could do and no reason to really be upset because there was nothing I was missing either. I didn’t have a deadline I was missing; a t.v. show to watch; an appointment with anyone. Still I kept thinking, “What a waste of time.”

But how can time be wasted if there is nothing else clamoring for it? I walked around and took pictures. I asked the Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry Company (Ltd.) over and over again as I passed by if they would run a ferry later that night as the Little Storm seemed to have moved on. I read my book in a coffee shop. I had some take out food in SoHo. After all the hooey, I did not even need an umbrella and it was one of the nicest nights I have seen in Hong Kong. I am pretty sure I even saw a couple of stars…

Forced calm.

Not a bad thing to get some perspective and remember time is just time. It does it’s thing and there is little you can do about that.


They did run the boats again and I got home, about eight hours later than I might have otherwise, but it didn’t really make much of a difference that I had not been home, or anywhere besides where I was for that matter. 3:00, 6:00, 11:00… it was just time, and time is only wasted if, well, if you don’t use it I suppose.

I laughed about the storm on the ferry back home. “Good effort, Little Storm,” I chuckled. There was a substantial amount of debris strewn across my path on my walk home and again I thought, “Well, you tried hard Little Storm…” I got home and went to sleep, knowing I would work in the morning because Little Storm had moved on. And work I did that next day, but not before I took a walk to my beach and saw this:

Beached Barge

BIG Beached Barge

And I thought to myself, “Nice one Little Storm, I am impressed! That is going to be here for a long time!”