I have lately slipped in the frequency of writing my blog contributions for which I dearly apologise. Reasons for this being several:


I decided to take a very adult step and start house hunting – a step considered close to lunacy in a property obsessed London

I went sailing with a group of colleagues in Polish lake district, which almost lead to two deaths by drowning and one death by being knocked down with a portable loo (full to the brim) – more about it later

I have spent a night in a castle attending a ghost hunting event – more about it next time since I still shudder remembering the experience


So, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to join a group of colleagues to sail across Polish lake district. No sweat! We rented a couple of boats, the weather was supposed to be beautiful. I was looking forward to getting away from civilisation, enjoying dramatic sun sets, silence, nature and picturesque landscapes.



The first problem revealed itself pretty much after we took to the lake – the portable loo was not working well and we were advised to wait until we get back to the shore. 6 hours and several bottles of beer/water later- this idea didn’t seem that reasonable any more. We sneakily started using the loo. On the 3rd day, when we reached our evening destination, the boat smelled quite intensively – especially if you stood against the wind.


A quick discussion among female members (boys disappeared mysteriously as soon as we hit the harbour), lead to a serious decision- empty the villain. And here’s where the real problem started- the loo was leaking….. I’ll spare you all the other details but suffice to say I’ve made friends for life (staff like that bounds you stronger that blood ties).


Apart from that, we had two crew members who decided to switch the boats mid –lake- just as the sails caught the wind. It took us about 15 minutes too reach them and I was desperately hoping they knew how to swim because I don’t….


I did get my share of wild nature, sunsets and landscapes. I also got my share of drunken teenagers on neighbouring boats playing guitars, screaming, and having sex till wee hours of the morning. All in all, I was glad to be back to civilisation!