re: communicating in the age of technology…

often times, i’ve felt that the more ways that we have to stay in touch, the less that we truly know each other. everything is getting shorter and shorter, words have cut down to single letters, emotions articulated through emoticons represented by colons and parentheses. hearts are now transcribed with arrows and the number three. i wouldn’t recognize a full sentence if it bit me with my friend’s own hand in most situations. in my last relationship, i realized several months in that i had no idea what his script looked like.

it isn’t that i’m standing in a bubble, not using technology, and lamenting what it’s doing to everyone else. i myself am part of the problem. i have conversations with my friends while typing on my BlackBerry. i spend a large amount of time lost in the interworld. i isolate and choose to stay in touch via mass email or social networking sites, especially as my health worsens, but i’m fully aware that the more ways that i have to be in touch, the easier it is to be more and more superficial and less involved with my loved ones. with every ‘forward this to five people…’ and ‘why god made men…’ forward that i open, i’m more inclined to reply with ‘lol’ and less inclined to actually have a conversation.

i used to tell people that ‘fine’ was a cop out answer and to tell me how they really were. now, i hit forward. reply. lol. and log out. technology has given me more info than ever before but made me even less aware.