I love my boyfriend very much but there are three things about him that could destroy our relationship.

1. He answers every question I ask him with a question.

2. He can never decide what he wants to eat for dinner but blames it on me citing me as fussy.

3. He also thinks lettuce solo is a salad.

In an order to save our relationship and stop the screaming rows in the car on the way home, we agreed to comply weekly set menus of what we would eat each day. This would also save money and the endless trips to supermarket I found myself making.

Last week was the first week and it worked very well. This will be our second week and we both are very happy about it. Of course with any thing you have to make some slack – for instance, Thursday is blank because I have today off to attend the 81st Rudolph Valentino memorial – a yearly event I attend with my friend Rachel. My boyfriend will have to fend for himself – undoubtedly it will involve fries and beer. And men think we are so predictable! pah.

Saturday is movie and picnic night at Hollywood Forever cemetery – it sounds bit morbid but it’s actually great. They project the movie against the mausoleum’s walls and everyone brings picnics and blankets and sits on the lawn (part of the monument to Douglas Fairbanks not a grave!). This week (they show movies through out the summer) they are showing Notorious with Cary Grant – and I am very excited him being an icon of mine. Being from the UK I miss English food at times (an oxymoron I am sure to any American reading) and recently found a recipe for Cornish Pasties on line so we will be making them for our picnic accompanied by a few bottles of white wine.

Sunday is blank because we’ll eat leftovers or go out to one of the places on the pier near our house.

I love white boards!

Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach, USA