I love technology which is just as well as that’s what I do for a living. I belong to various social networking sites – Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace, Yelp and Flickr – the latter being my favourite. I don’t really like the other SN sites – they feel childish and impersonal at best although granted it has been a way to catch up with old colleagues and friends with whom I had lost touch. Flickr on the other hand sums up to me why the rapid development of technology is a good thing – without ever leaving my couch I can explore the world through the lens of other photographers. I can learn about new places, as well as glimpse in to the lives of other people around the world. It’s humbling, inspiring and amazing all at the same time – I love it and could spend hours happily looking at photos.

What I hate about technology is on occasion it feels like I am being sucked into the matrix. I spend all day on my computer to only come home and spend a large part of the evening on it too.

Some times its doing constructive things like emailing family and friends back in the UK, most of the time its trawling through sites kind of wasting time. I have been actively kerbing this behaviour – and successfully have gone many evenings recently without taking my laptop out of its bag when I get home.
But I think what I dislike most of all about technology is no one ever sends letters by mail any more. I try and send postcards to my grandfather each week in his retirement home in England, and when I can I send them to friends and family too. Occasionally some one will send me one back which makes my day – although I really wish for more, getting an email from family and friends is nice but getting a postcard or letter is just so much better.

I don’t blame any one for not sending letters / postcards though – my hand aches each time I write a postcard I am so used to typing not writing. And its immediately out of date once you have mailed it, where as an email is so instantaneous! And then of course there is time.. who has the time to write all these letters and postcards anyway?! Its amazing to me that despite the world has become oh so much smaller with technology, it feels we now have less time to keep in touch.

Not Goth, 34. Redondo Beach, USA