In response to posting challenge #2. Here are the things that are in my bag, an orange flowered Petunia Pickle Bottom toddler carryall…My Bag

1. Pink leather wallet–(I’m into pink lately) a very simple pouch with a clear plastic pocket for my ID. Anything more complicated than that is way too organized and bulky for me.

2. Project Red RAZR cellphone–although I’ve covered it with a pink shell because my son keeps dropping it and the battery keeps falling out when he does that.

3. Lola lip gloss–just in case.

4. J.J. Cole diaper pod–with diaper, wipes and a changing pad inside.

5. Tamagotchi–my virtual pet toy is now 42 days old.

6. Maracas–a great way to keep my son occupied when we’re out and about.

7. Band-aids–two kinds, one for blisters and the other are Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo band-aids.

8. Oxi-Clean spray stain-lifter–actually, I have to get a new one. At the wedding we were at last weekend, one of my cousins had red wine spilled on him and he used practically the whole thing getting the stain out. For the record, it worked.

9. Mickey Mouse toy cellphone–for my son, of course.

10. Message pad with pen–to write down things so I can remember them.

11. Car keys and housekey–for my Honda Element, with a pink flower keychain. My housekeys are on a Darth Vader keychain.

12 Sharpie–hey, you never know when you’re gonna want an autograph.

13. Socks–at Gymboree Play & Music adults are only allowed on the play floor with socks, so I keep a pair in my bag in case I’m wearing sandals

14. A packet of trail mix–from Southwest Airlines, left over from our trip to Santa Monica, California for the wedding last weekend.