My boy, My boyMy boy, My boyMy boy, My boy
God broke the mould when he created Elvis Aaron Presley. (Well, not exactly. Elvis had a twin brother, Jesse Garon, who was stillborn. But, I digress.)
He had everything a rock star is meant to have before the term was even created. He broke the rules by being a white boy who sang ‘race’ music. He horrified middle-class parents up and down America by gyrating his hips and making teenage girls sweat.
Why, it wasn’t civilised. Good Christian boys just didn’t do…that.

Elvis was every mom and pop’s worst nightmare with his curling lips, pelvic thrusts and f***-me eyes beamed live into the nation’s homes.
In the days before Civil Rights, before The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, before Madonna masturbated on stage and Marvin Gaye begged us to ‘get it on’ with some ‘sexual healing’, there was Elvis.
Today I choose to remember him at his best – on the 1968 NBC Comeback Special. Tanned, fit and trim, leather clad and grunting ‘my boy, my boy’…oh yes…

 Cateyes, 31, Venice CA