Amelia Earhart is one of my favorite icons because she represents adventure. Women’s adventure. I love adventure.
Amelia Earhart
I first got turned on to Amelia Earhart when my girlfriend gave me a children’s book about her a few years back. It was a great book, very inspiring with beautiful illustrations (and actually it was also about Eleanor Roosevelt, another great iconic woman). I loved the book even though I was no longer a kid—and the Bungle of Joy wasn’t even a twinkle in anybody’s eye at that point. But what sealed the deal for me was the song “Thinking Amelia” by Deb Talan (now of The Weepies). Here’s what Deb Talan says about Amelia Earhart:

I think Amelia had it okay
She had a one in a million bad day
With her eyes in the clouds
The clouds in her eyes in a big, wide sky
Expecting to fly
Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

In other words, GO FOR IT. You sing it, sistah!

Janna, aka Happily Even After, 35, Seattle