Not so long ago, I left my tall, dark and handsome love of the Hollywood Hills for the more stable but less aesthetically pleasing arms of Burbank.

My old neighborhood and I had a passionate, torrid love affair. I loved that I could hike in the canyons, that my building had a pool & hot tub on the roof, a gym in the basement, off-street parking and a security guard. I also loved that I could walk to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, the gym…there wasn’t much that I didn’t love about my neighborhood {barring traffic and proximity to the 101, but these are Los Angeles complaints and you learn to tune them out as you swim laps on your rooftop!}.

Because of life stuff…finances/health/etc, I have migrated to the dependable…the affordable…the Valley. I, who used to be known for the mantra “I don’t date 818” now live in Burbank. I love that it’s a cute little neighborhood, with trees and old men taking walks in the morning. I love that I have a back yard with plants. I love that it’s affordable. But, I hate that it’s the Valley…it’s hot, nothing is walking distance, it’s hot, it’s dry, it’s 818, television studios are everywhere. Did I mention that it’s hot? some-like-it-hawt.jpg

I am Angie, and I’m still single, 30 and living in Los{t} Angeles Proper –> the 818 Now :/.