Ah… Chicago…. home of Da Bears, the Cubbies, the Sox oh and yes, the Blackhawks. πŸ™‚ Chicago is definitely known as a sports town.

I have many memories growing up here that include sports including the time that the Bulls won the NBA Championship back in 91 and my friends and I raided downtown like the rest of the city, slapping high fives, kissing random people and enjoying the elation of winning!

A more recent memory includes my nephew’s birth 2 years ago. The White Sox were playing in the world series, and my sister-in-law was due to give birth via c-section. My brother was out at a going away party for one of our friends, and he was of course drunker than a skunk. Well, my little nephew wasn’t waiting until Monday…. my sister-in-law had to get my brother home asap, so one of our friends drove them to the hospital and my brother thought he had it together. That was until the goofball passed out in the operating room during my nephew’s birth. πŸ™‚

Getting back to the challenge…. what do I love about this town?? I think I had an incredible childhood and the opportunity to experience so many different walks of life. I loved growing up in an environment that had such an amazing sense of community. As an adult, I am throughly enjoying the different sights and sounds of Chicago. It is as they say in all the brochures, a world class city. We have everything you need and more.

What don’t I like about Chicago? This would be the perfect city without the freezing-ass-cold-weather. It really is an incredible place to live most of the time, but when its cold, it’s brutal!