Currently,I live in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Wikepdia has a few things to say about Pontefract, such as it is one of the five towns in the borough of Wakefield and has a population of approximately 30,000. Pontefract’s motto is Post mortem patris pro filio, Latin for “After the death of the father, support the son”, a reference to Civil War Royalist sympathies. Our castle was built in 1070, Richard II was murdered there in the 1400’s & it’s still standing today, though in ruins. It’s still a market town & used to grow liquorice. The Haribo factory is located here, though the liquorice is now grown elsewhere. There’s an old hermitage underneath our hospital, though I haven’t as yet been down into it. Harold Shipman also used to work there. We’ve got a race course & again I’ve not yet been to a race meeting, though walk around it regularly with my children.

On the walls of the underground magazine of Pontefract Castle. 30 prisoners were kept down there in the Civil War (1640 something) & they scratched their names on the walls.

Anna, 39, West Yorkshire, England