I’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her hand bag. I am not entirely sure this is true but I thought it might be fun to find out what everyone carries around with them all day.

I am not a girlie girl by any means but I am very practical which is probably why I carry around a bag the size of a small island. It’s actually a very expensive bag that I wangled free from a PR company because I am not inclined to buy a purse that is either 70% of my monthly rent or from a known designer. I did consider selling it on ebay as designer purses in good condition can fetch a pretty penny but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to part from my big old black (of course) hand bag.


So what is in it?


  • iPhone – I am a gadget whore and I got this via work as a ‘gift’ for queuing up for 4 hours to get my bosses iPhones.
  • Wallet – Paul Frank Skull wallet in black and gold – I have a thing about skull designs despite being 34.
  • Broken iPod – Boyfriend’s that I am trying to fix despite everything tells me to give up.
  • Banana Boat SPF30 lip balm – Don’t actually use it but I should living in California, especially as I read somewhere that as you get older your lips get thinner! eek!
  • Latest issue of MacWorld.
  • Yellow and blue post it page markers for marking interesting articles in magazines that I will probably never get round to looking at again but it makes me feel organised.
  • Alba Botanica organic sunscreen SPF30 – got to keep the tattoos looking fresh in the blazing California sunshine.
  • Firewire cable – Look you never know.
  • Shopping list for groceries (I won’t bore you with what’s on it).
  • Two print outs of the British newspaper The Guardian – I try to keep up with what’s going on back in the Mother Land.
  • 3 pens – two black, one blue, one without a lid.
  • A silver anchor necklace that I got from I have a thing about anchor’s for some unknown reason.
  • 2GB compact flash card for my camera that I thought I lost.
  • Fake diamond hoop earrings that I like but rarely wear as I am mildly allergic to non-precious metal earrings.
  • Altoids tin containing two (organic) tampons, a 64MB flash drive, 2 x Benadryl allergy tablets, pocket size sharpie, packet of Alka Seltzer and three bobby pins, hair band and a large paper clip. Come World War 3 – I will be prepare nes pas?!
  • Video iPod (30GB) plus earphones. Possibly the best gadget ever invented. Yep, even better than the iPhone and toaster.
  • Unicef 2007 Pocket Planner (unused apart from the tip guide in the back – I am shite at math)

So what does the contains of my bag say about me? I think it’s safe to say it’s screaming that I’m a paranoid geek. Ah but an organised one!

So what’s in your bag and what do you think it says about you?

Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach, CA.