Tomorrow is my last day at my job. It’s actually been a good job. It’s the job that got me from Indianapolis to Seattle last summer, following my divorce. The job with kind bosses and fun co-workers. A small, casual office with half-day Fridays on beautiful spring weather days, and mid-day golf outings in the summer.

I am comfortable at this job. And I could do this job in my sleep (some early morning shifts, I did just that). But I decided I’m too young to be comfortable – and bored – at a job. Too young to be lazy. And at the same time, too old to be at a zero-advancement job with no dental insurance.

So, I quit.

I start my new job on Monday. A corporate job. A job with tough bosses and demanding clients. A job that might result in end-of-the-day tears in my car. A job where I can’t be hungover in the mornings. I can’t just roll into the office in jeans, flip-flops and an old T-shirt (which has become my uniform).

This is a new direction for my career, a totally different path than I ever envisioned for myself. But I’m living a much different life than I ever dreamed.

 Today in Seattle

 (This morning in Seattle … a view from my neighborhood. You can see the top of Mt. Rainier through the buildings).

Lola, 33, ready to get to work in Seattle