I’m sorry for abandoning this page for a while, but I’ve had some family issues to think about– more about it later. Right now I want to write about my take on love. Having read Amanda’s and Angie’s posts, I can really relate to them. I’m 33 – spending my life out of suitcase, chasing new rainbows and avoiding mediocrity (by avoiding mediocrity read avoiding responsibility). I’m postponing the moment of growing up as long as I can. Love is not something I know a lot about , but I wanted to tell you two stories.

I have a friend who was married with children. He was handsome and charming; and he knew about it really well. He didn’t love his wife and cheated on her constantly; and women were falling for him right left and centre. He dated models, lawyers and even his own assistants – it didn’t really matter. Lots of beautiful girls fell for his charms. His wife chose to close her eyes to it. I never had any respect for him until one day he fell in love … and he never looked back. The girl loved him back. She was pleasantly average and didn’t stand out in the crowd; yet, she was different then the others. He divorced his wife and married the girl. They have a child on their own now, and he couldn’t have been happier. He’s changed for good. He worships his new family, his other children took to their step mum and really like her. He’s a really different person.

My second story is about my own experience. I used to date a man who fell in love with me the first time we met. (or so he said). He was charming, intelligent and travelled the world. He pursued me passionately, and I finally gave in. Within a month the charming prince turned into a boyfriend from hell. As I later learnt, apparently he was deeply disappointed in me because I didn’t meet his original expectations. (And he was really serious when he said this to me).

Why am I telling those stories? My own story, (when it was finally over), made me realise that sometimes we are so stuck in our own imaginary world, that we actually fail to notice the real person. We force them to wear an uncomfortable suit called “my vision of love” and we reject people not because they are bad for us, but just because they don’t fit into this particular suit.

And as for the first story- it opened my eyes to fairytales. Love has happened to a guy who deserved it least; a guy who was cynical, selfish and used people. However, love has found him and it has changed him in an unimaginable way.

So we stumble on; we try and we fail, and we try again- as long as we keep on trying, we are fine.. because at least we are getting closer to our destination.. And just like Amanda says, I keep on buying those bloody tickets… if I only knew where the ride is – never mind if it’s the right one or not…


Kasha, 33, currently in London