I am living proof.

For the last couple of days I’ve been frantically searching for a cheap continuing education program to get into. I need something new to learn about. It’s true, I’m starting to realize how much I don’t know and how much knowledge I’ve lost. For example, I just spelled “frantically” with two i’s. I figure maybe if I take a class in something, I’ll remember which countries border Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ll remember the name of our Supreme Court Chief Justice AND the name of the guy who succeeded Alan Greenspan AND the head of the UN (none of which I can recall right now, unless John Roberts is the Chief Justice). I used to be a well-informed citizen, I swear.

In the last two weeks I’ve forgotten three separate appointments–one for window repair, one for my son’s two-year-old photos and one for…er, I can’t remember. I also have a Tamagotchi, a virtual pet/handheld game, which is verging near death and has been ever since I first turned it on eight days ago (and I wouldn’t have remembered that clearly except for the fact that the Tamagotchi actually tells you the age of the pet). I have had Tamagotchis on and off since they first came out in the mid-1990s, and I’ve always been pretty good at keeping them alive and healthy. This time I haven’t even figured out half the mini-games after a week of trying, and I keep forgetting to take the thing with me when I go out.

My conversation skills are waning, too. I must be the most boring person on the planet these days. The only things I have discussed with other people at length this week: Harry Potter, time outs, potty training, the weather, the movie “Sunshine”, foods babies eat, babysitting, my lack of decorating expertise, pizza, the cuteness of other people’s children, bedtimes and pinatas.

I could feel my brain cells being destroyed, or sucked away, or something, while I was pregnant. And now this is the result. It’s sad, very sad. I wonder what would happen if I took an IQ test now. Or is this all in my head? Am I just constantly distracted by baby stuff, or what? Is it because I’m listening to Radio Disney during the day with my son instead of NPR (probably)?

Aargh. I think I’ll go read the dictionary now.