Back in March I covered the Antalya marathon as a member of the press (I love that bloggers are considered press now!). Emirhan and I were both inspired. Later that evening we said that if it weren’t for our plans to be abroad next March, we’d definitely want to run the marathon. In fact, we kind of promised that if we weren’t out of the country at the time, we’d do it. But we knew for sure we’d be out of the country, so there was no harm in making a teensy meaningless promise, right?

Yeah, well, guess what? Those solid-as-a-rock travel plans fell through. So I suppose that means we’re running a marathon next March.

Wow. I’m excited and terrified. I’m near the end of the first week of training, and there’s a huge mountain ahead. I’m keeping track of this mammoth journey so I can look back at it later and feel proud/laugh/cry/whatever.

Right now it just feels so surreal. I’m going to run 26 miles? I’m going to run 26 miles.

Melissa, 34, Antalya