Keep reminding yourself of these points:

This too shall pass – advice from my dad & he’s right.

They will sleep through the night eventually, you will not be sleep-deprived for the rest of your life, even though it feels like it.

Accept all offers of help.

Find babysitters & get out every so often. You don’t have to be a parent 24/7 (I should take my own advice here!)

No-one else’s baby is as cute as yours. Fact 🙂

Don’t take it personally when your home-cooked, organic, delicious meal is declared to be “yuck”

A change of scene is as good as a rest. Get out & about. It’s much more pleasant to have a cup of tea in a busy cafe, than to be sat at home, surrounded by toys & housework that needs doing.

Apparently, the housework can wait as they grow up so fast & you can’t get these years back (I do appear to be taking that one onboard!)

Anna, 39, West Yorkshire, UK

Lolly Girls iii)