The other night I had a girls’ night out at the theatre with my mom. I felt just a weeee bit guilty leaving the dreadfully charming Mr. Right with the Bungle of Joy on what should (could?) have been a family night, until I got home and saw a visitor’s car parked in front of our house.

Sure ‘nough, Mr. Right was taking advantage of his night sans spouse and had invited his Single Buddy over for enchiladas and a beer or four. I’m sure they were talking about sports and mountain climbing and the merits of disposable razors, but when I walked in, the topic of the hour was none other than relationships*.

Our Single Buddy was sharing his good news: He’d gotten back together with a long lost love whom Mr. R and I had both really liked.

The bad news: They’d had a wicked fight just 3 weeks in, and now Single Buddy was losing faith.

After he regaled us with the details of the fight (it was Mr. R who pried, not me), the following exchange took place right in front of my eyes:

Mr. R: Well, I can see her point.

Single Buddy: You can see her point?!

Mr. R: Yeah…

Single Buddy: Jeez, talking to you married men is useless. Three** years ago, if I had told you this exact same story, you would’ve been like, Send her packin’, man. But now, anytime I tell anything to you—or Married Buddy #1, or Married Buddy #2, or Married Buddy #17—you guys are like, Well, you didn’t say it right or How do you think she felt? or Maybe you could have done this. It’s like talking to a g’damned marriage counselor.

Mr. R: Well, do you want this relationship to work out or not?

And the funny thing is, if it had been me? I would’ve said—what were Single Buddy’s words?—send her packin’, man.

Oh, the times, they have a chang-ed.

And for any of us 30-something women who take a shinin’ to a Mr. Right, I’d say that’s a bit o’ good news.

Janna, aka Happily Even After, 35, Seattle
* Read more about guys who are man enough to talk about relationships.
** Actually, on the summer solstice, it’ll be 4 years, thank you very much.