One of my favorite things about Chicago in the summertime is the plethora of street festivals. From May up until September, there is a festival in almost every neighborhood, every weekend of the summer. I love strolling up and down the streets, checking out the local artists, the bad food and the tons of cover bands that seem to reside in Chicago.

My cousin was in town from Los Angeles with his wife and their baby, so my family all went out for breakfast and then decided to skip the insanity downtown for the Blues festival and head north to the Andersonville MidSommerfest. It was a beautiful day and we perused the booths, stopping at the booth with baby tie-dye shirts, watched a poodle get a pet massage and took in the sights of crazy dancing people (you know the type – the women with flowing dresses and no bra, and the men who act suave while dancing).

After they left, I met up with my friend Lori and we walked around a bit more, ate some food, and watched this band called Dot Dot Dot. I had been receiving emails from them, not realizing that some of the members of the group were from another cover band here in the area (CatFight –the band who Gina Glocksen used to be a part of for you AI peeps).

They were a lot of fun, great to watch and really got the crowd going with the music they played. It was a mixture of new alternative music and older songs all mixed in together. The lead singer reminded me of the guy from FallOut Boy (Pete Wentz?) and was extremely flamboyant and a lot of fun.

All in all, I had a great day and turned another shade darker. Ahh.. I love summer. 🙂

Stacy Jill, 34, Chicago