today, i did myself a favor…i woke up feeling blah and knowing that my hormone patch simply isn’t enough any longer – the dose is failing me. yesterday, i could not convince myself to move for hours. didn’t wash my face. cried. fell asleep early and slept long. it’s easy to fall into that rhythm, so today when i woke up and couldn’t think of a good reason to brush my teeth or wash my face, i forced myself out of bed.

i showered, did my Arbone 6 Steps for my face (which is looking vibrant and i keep getting guessed for 10 years younger than my age!), brushed my teeth. all the stuff that most people would say – ‘uh, yeah, you brushed your teeth, that’s what you’re supposed to do.’ but anyone who has faced major depression knows is a coup. and then, i decided to go get a Mani-Pedi up the street, as it had started raining and everyone had scattered.

Mani Pedi

it felt great and is now my new ‘pick me up reason to function when hormonally in crisis’. i am lucky to find those!