A year after I donated my left kidney to my dad, I was convinced by coworkers that I HAD to join them in an insane effort. We joined the AIDS Marathon training program which is a 6 month training program which allows you to learn how to run a marathon while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

So in 2003, I ran (well, jogged) the Honolulu Marathon. I didn’t have the best time (10 hours, anyone?), but I finished. It was a massive accomplishment for me after going through a major surgery. My friends and I were able to raise thousands of dollars for AIDS services within Los Angeles and I had some killer legs! šŸ™‚

I have decided that I need that “push” again to get myself back in shape. I went to the doctor’s office yesterday for my first physical in over two years and was freaked out by what I saw on the scale. I know the past few months have been extremely hard on my mental state (loss of job, girlfriend, home, etc), but I don’t have these setbacks anymore (well two out of 3 aint bad :)). I need to get myself back in working order for many reasons, including the number one reason, my health.

There are two marathons that you can choose from the Chicago training program, Florence and Las Vegas. I have been to both places, and while I would love to go to Florence, I know that I can’t take that much time off work this year, so Vegas, here I come!