After my last post – which was frankly a little depressing – I got a nice email from a concerned friend asking if everything was okay? ‘Nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix’ I thought. I miss that about Britain – the attitude that there is nothing in this crazy, mad and often cruel world that a nice cup of tea and a sit down can’t make alright. In the words of a brilliant Guardian columnlist Sam Deleany

“Tea is the world champion of hot beverages. If a cup of tea was a prize fighter, it would knock cafe latte out in the first round. If it were a wrestler, it would lock hot chocolate in a half-nelson and make it cry. If tea was a gangsta rapper it would shoot Horlicks in the face, then kill its whole family.”

Yep, nothing a nice cuppa tea can’t fix.

 Not Goth, 34, Redondo Beach