Over the past few years I have had some awesome birthday parties thanks to my amazing friends.

My 29th birthday was at my friend Lara’s house in this really amazing part of Los Angeles. Her and her boyfriend live in this psuedo gated community in the middle of LA that houses some of the most magnificant older houses. Everyone in the community has either lived there FOREVER or is around our age and rehabbing these old mansions. I had about twenty friends show up for cake and food and then we headed to Wheels of Wonder, a fabbbbbulous little skating rink down the street from their house. We wooped it up with all of the little kids and tried our best to get our 20-something butts across the rink without falling.

My next birthday was the big 3-0! I decided to have a themed party, “Party like a Rock Star”. My friend Krista graciously hosted my birthday party at her house and everyone dressed up as their favorite rock stars. We had Joan Jett to Gene Simmons to a couple of Madonnas and everything else in between! I rented a karaoke machine and everyone had a blast singing to bad karaoke tunes.

My 32nd birthday, I decided to grab my friends and head to Dave and Busters (For you non-US types, it’s an arcade establishment which is geared to adults). They have lots of “skill” games where you can get tickets to redeem for cheesy prizes. My friends were so sweet and put all their tickets together for me and we ended up getting this enormous disco ball.

I decided that I needed some fun for my 34th birthday, and away we went back to D&B last night. I sent an evite out to a bunch of people, and although it ended up being a small affair, it was magically perfect. Everyone that showed up included: My brother & sister-in law, some of my closest college buddies, a friend who I met last summer while working at the Gay Games, and a couple of friends who I initially met in LA. One actually lives here in Chicago and brought her awesome girlfriend (whom I have yet to meet til last night) and my other friend is working on a film for the next few weeks here.

Anyway… my point is that hardly anybody knew each other and it was so amazing to see my new and old friends gel in such a fantastic way. Conversation was easy, and I think everyone had a really fun time! It was the perfect evening and I couldn’t have asked for anything more for my birthday. 🙂

Stacy Jill, 34, Chicago