Several years ago, I had a breakdown. I hid under my duvet not wanting to see or speak to anyone and cried until I was numb. I was lost, scared and mentally going round in circles.

Gentle coaxing by my family got me to the doctor who prescribed some practically psychedelic anti-depressants and a course of very expensive but invaluable cognitive therapy.

Over the next six months I slowly pulled my life back together and started to learn how to protect myself from the pressures that had led to the breakdown. I made resolutions not to follow the same patterns of behaviour, to try the things that scared me and to start experiencing the things I was putting off for later.

So I am very proud to say that over these last few years I have achieved several things I never thought I would do. I moved to a new country, married a wonderful and unbelievably kind and supportive man and learned to live my everyday life speaking a different language.

And for the most part things are great. But every once in a while, like today, I wake up feeling numb, not wanting to get up and face the world. I want to start my own business and I don’t know where to start. I’m scared again of the future.

So this morning I am going to dig down deep inside myself and try and find those feelings I need to make myself feel OK – my resolve, some courage and a touch of determination.

Janette, 33, Paris, France