We met almost eight years ago in London. My first impression of her scared me. I tried to correct something she wrote for the website we worked for and I made a complete ass out of myself because I didn’t realize it was a brit slang thang for Xmas gifts. 🙂

Eventually, I became pulled into the close-knit group of Brits working for our company. We drank… a lot… had many hilarious times including evenings where we tried to impersonate each other’s accents. No matter how hard she tried, her American accent always had a twinge of New Yawkers. However, I can’t say my Brit accent was any better!

Unfortunately, our dot-com bit the big one in the beginning of this latest century, and our merry band of misfits were sent scattered across Europe and back to the states. We kept in touch and in 2001, she decided to take the big leap and cross the pond to join a bunch of us in LA. We tried to be roomates…twice… that wasn’t really meant to be… but we still have remained close and I do consider her one of my dearest friends in the world despite our distance now.

Happy Birthday Clare aka Not Goth (hah). Cheer, Cheer to another good year (ah such a poet. . . hah).

Clare and Me - my 30th bday. :)

Stacy Jill, 33, Chicago