I keep waiting to write here until I have something meanignful and important to say. The thing is, I don’t seem to have anything meaningful and important to say.

So, I will say this:

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen in Hong Kong. It was clear and lovely and warm and not too humid. It was amazing, and I was glad I got to enjoy it on my ferry ride to work, otherwise my enjoyment would have been solely through my office window. I was going to wait to share this beautiful day until I had a photo to post, but I am trying to convince my OCD tendencies that just because there is not photographic evidence of something does not diminish its importance, significance or actual reality.

Thank god for that.

The weather is changing here and summer is coming… it will be hot and humid and sticky and thick. And that is okay because I live in the tropics and it is supposed to be like that.

Hello from Hong Kong.. I hope you are all enjoying lovely days and trying to remember that seeminly small (but wonderful) things can get us through the seemingly unbearable (and incomprehensible) things.

Peace to those in Blacksburg, Virginia and in all places.

Amanda, 36, Hong Kong