In the US over the past year there has been an increasingly amount of celebs who have been “busted” per se by the pc police about words they have used on the radio, television, at their comedy shows, etc. Words to describe people’s gender, race and sexuality have been thrown around and reared their ugly head in the aftermath.

It’s been interesting to watch the media throw their hands up in the air and villify the people who have made these comments. They have said things like how in this day and age can someone say stuff like that. Are these people living in the real world??

Prejudice is still real and it’s still out there! I was with a customer the other day who said something like “yeah, I was in this bad neighborhood, you know the one that has all the blacks in there”. I just sat there stone faced, and responded, “No, I’m not quite sure of the neighborhood you are talking about”. I shouldnt have been shocked, but I was a bit taken aback. So, becaue I am a white girl sitting in front of you, I am going to agree with you? You can bet that this guy wouldn’t say it if I was a different race.

How about the fact that is a gay woman, living in the United States, my own government was ready to bloody change the amendment to make sure that I could never get married because it was “sinful” in some people’s eyes.

Anyway, that was a little digression. 🙂 What is at stake in this country is free speech. I’m still not sure how I feel about the fact that certain people have gone to “rehab” for saying a word, or someone has been recently fired. Granted, I am a very open-minded, liberal person and don’t agree in any form in what words these individuals have used, but it’s also very hard to decipher what is actually our freedom of speech?

Stacy Jill, 33, Chicago