30-some Things about Me:

1. I wear red clogs.
2. I’m in two book clubs.
3. I sailed 17,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean on a 35’ sailboat for my honeymoon.
4. I’m a white American woman.
5. I’m a travel addict.
6. Since breastfeeding, my nipples have gone cross-eyed.
7. The number 9 makes me happy.
8. I’m in love with WORDS.
9. Sappy TV commercials make me cry.
10. So does country music.
11. I call my daughter the Bungle of Joy because sometimes I feel like I’m just bungling through this Mom Thing.
12. Sometimes I go 3 days without showering.
13. I have a dirty mind.
14. I’m straight but I know sexuality is a continuum.
15. I’m addicted to audiobooks.
16. Sushi is my favorite food.
17. I married the “dreadfully charming Mr. Right” after a Harry-Met-Sally history.
18. I was a philosophy major.
19. Snappin’ Apple bubble gum makes my breath stink like marijuana.
20. I pick my nails.
21. Sometimes I’m uncomfortable with my upper-middle-class privilege.
22. I used to be an English teacher.
23. Road trips make me feel free.
24. The toughest—and most rewarding—thing I’ve ever done is Teach For America.
25. My dog Scout saved my life.
26. Licking an oboe reed gives me the shivers.
27. I’m writing a travel memoir called The Motion of the Ocean: Sex, life, and love on the high seas.
28. Telemark skiing is the most graceful thing I do.
29. The dorkiest thing I do is read while walking the dog (and if it’s dark, I wear a headlamp).
30. Once, tarot cards accurately predicted my entire life.
31. My Girlfriends are my silliness and my sustenance.
32. I’m a feminist.
33. I’m madly in love with my husband.
34. I blog about committed 30-something life at “Happily Even After.”
35. Writing makes me feel toe-ticklingly ALIVE…which is why I’m excited to add mine to these Thirty Voices.

Janna, aka HappilyEvenAfter, 35, Seattle