This week just a quick note as I still need to unpack my suitcase after 2 weeks of voyages before hitting daily office routine tomorrow. I decided to treat myself to a new bra. I went to a shop where I was asked if I wanted a fitting lady to help me chose the right size. Out of curiosity I decided to try the service, and believe it or not , my regular 80C size turned out to be in reality 75 E ! I spent half of my life walking in a badly fitted bras. Too big around my back, too small a cup. All clicked into place – no wonder that, by the end of each day, I always end up with bra cups squashed underneath my boobs, instead of gently enclosing and supporting them. ..And this got me thinking… How lucky we women are nowadays and how we take small things like this for granted. How many centuries we spent tightly squashed in heavy corsets and petticoats.


So here I am, coming back to London after Easter. The weather is amazing as if the Nature has decided to give up on spring and jumped straight into summer. Two weeks ago I was leaving the city wearing winter jacket. Today, I went for a walk in a T-shirt, chest forward, my boobs clad in a comfy, non-bouncing bra; and I was thinking that, even if feminism would have brought no other change, and least it has given us a freedom of walking around in well fitted bras, or just burning them if we chose to!

Kasha, 33, London