When I was younger I used to love the rain. To me the rain was like something that came and washed all the icky stuff away and made everything seem fresh and clean and new again. Lately the rain has seemed more ominous to me; more like a dark cloud than a silver lining.I’ve been pretty introspective lately, wishing I’d done XYZ with my life instead of RST, feeling that I should be further in my career, have accomplished more, etc., etc. Then, last night I spoke to a friend of many years. I asked about how his life was, and his family and all, and he indicated that his life seemed to be going well, but he had a friend, 34 years old, who hasn’t had the same luck.

Apparently, not long ago, she was informed that she had incurable cancer. Basically they gave her 5 years before the cancer would overtake her body.

I’m not sure of all the details and all, but what I do remember from the conversation was this…[paraphrased here] The doctors told her she could have some operations to prolong her life, but she decided she was just going to live it instead

Wow, imagine… what would you do, if you knew you only had a few more years to live? Would you do things differently? Scrap your job and go travel the world?

It was at that moment that I realized just how “not so bad” my life really was!! Wow, what a reality check huh.

Roxanne, 38, South Dakota, USA