Gossip by Norman Rockwell

I have spent an exhausting day blogging. Who would have known that being funny on demand could be so exhausting? I should explain; My boyfriend is a professional blogger – in that he gets paid to write about the goings on in the frivolous lives of celebrities. Its not a glamorous job by any stretch of the imagination, and thankless as I found out today – he is off sick and I stupidly offered to do it instead (we work at the same company except I normally work in the technical dept, actually I am pretty much the tech dept).

I have come to the conclusion that the Internet is a forum for people to be utter wankers without remorse or responsibility. Its so easy to post nasty comments on someones blog anonymously without thinking about how the person on the other side will feel. It’s so easy to write mean things on the post that I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to jell together to make sense and have some kind of wit to it. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think this is something new – like a downward spiral in society. I think that people have always been assholes – its just now they have a forum to do it anonymously.

I am not completely innocent in this – a long time ago I had a personal blog, and I wrote some flippant things about some people I knew from a class on it. I never thought that anyone would read it to be honest but never under estimate how many people out there sit and google themselves nightly! I learnt from that mistake though and I will not do that again, although between you and me – what I wrote was the truth! ha.

So what have I learnt from my day of blogging – aside from people are mean and don’t write anything on a blog you wouldn’t write on a postcard? Well, I can write under pressure – which is nice to know, and more importantly I have new found respect for my boyfriend’s ability to be funny on demand – no wonder he can be such a zombie at home in the evenings!

Not Goth, 33, Redondo Beach, USA.