In South Dakota (and probably many other places) there’s a saying:
If you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of hours because it will probably change.

After spending a week waiting for 50 degree weather to return everyone thought we were in the clear and things were suppose to warm up this week. Thanks to the weather man, we had no idea this winter storm was on its way. yippy!

I’ve also realized in the past month that I am probably suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It typically hits women in their 30s, and creates all kinds of havoc that to an outsider just seems like “bitchiness”. This winter was the worst, and after discussing the issue with a few friends I began to look into it. Last week, when the weather was 70 degrees, I was on top of the world, ready to clean the entire house, and felt great. Then this weather hit and just like that I felt an enormous ‘cloud’ over my emotional state.

Anyway, despite the fact that today it is still snowing and overcast, since realizing that the weather was having such an affect I seem to be able to handle it better (psychological?). So now, I will wait for sunny weather but if mother nature tortures us again with another late storm I think I’ll just have to run out into the street naked and protest the whole dang thing (that would probably kill too many innocent bystanders, however, so maybe not!).

Roxanne, 38, South Dakota, USA