I’m off to Poland for Easter, so I will go off line for about 2 weeks, but before I go, I wanted to wish all of you a very happy Easter. Poles have one of the most bizarre Ester traditions I’ve ever heard of. It is referred to as “Wet Monday” and it takes place, as the name says, on Easter Monday. On that day men around the country are allowed to poor water on women. The whole country is suddenly full of men (mostly young) chasing women up and down the street with buckets full of water. Even local firemen join the fun with their water hoses. No women old or young can escape it. It’s mad but at the same time I always found it joyful and happy – being chased down the street by cute teenagers, joining the happy crown celebrating together on the streets and forgetting about their problems for one day in a year. As mad as it is – I do hope all you will feel so much alive as I do, at least on this one day in a year.


Happy Easter, and if you know equally mad Easter custom, let me know!!!


Kasha, 33, London