I could have posted about so many more meaningful things that I discovered this week but the underlining one that has stomped all over it is – I am over weight. Yes, I am fat and I live in LA.

Admittedly, there are many more important issues in the world – global warming, starving children and the animals being abused – these things too keep me awake at night. But selfishly all I care about this week is what my weight is going to be on Sunday. It’s been really hard for me to be good and try and lose weight this week – I think the most exercise I did was chasing the cat around our 600 sq ft apartment after she did something very bad. But the wost part is – all this laziness, being bad, has been for no good reason – its not like I had bad news, was told off by my boss, someone died, my favourite tv show wasn’t cancelled – none of these things happened. It was just a bad diet week.

I know, I know, lots of people are overweight, but right now that’s not much comfort. I am wallowing in self pity because I have to admit that this week I failed. I drank, I ate, sure I counted my points for the most part but when I went over my points allowance – did I care? Er no.

Sorry all this talk of points is undoubtably confusing – you see I joined Weight Watchers four weeks ago and so far I have lost 4lbs. Thats pretty good really – a pound a week – but when you have 65 pounds to lose – its a long way to go. I need to do this before I get old, my skin sags and I can’t get away with semi-sluttish clothes on occasion!

Okay enough self pity. One last glass of wine (2 points) before I watch CSI Las Vegas and stumble into bed. Tomorrow is another (fat) day.

Not Goth, 33, Redondo Beach, California, USA