When I was a teenager, all I wanted to do was become the next Barbara Walters. I was fortunate enough to have a working television station at my high school and I did everything I could to further that dream. I interviewed local politicians, radio personalities and friends, edited pieces about our volleyball team, and was a color commentator at some of the sporting events.

After college, during my first year in Los Angeles, I finally realized that this wasn’t the path I was going down. I started working in the world of le Internet and away I went. For over eight years, I worked on some amazing projects and teams and feel blessed that I had those opportunities. In my twenties, my identity was completely wrapped around my job. I was young and ego-driven and having the time of my life.

Although the first couple of years of my 30s were similar to my 20s (crazy, focusing on the job, party girl), this past year I have seen a big change in myself. I am not the party girl that I once was. I would rather curl up at the movie theater with a loved one than fight my way through a bar to go dancing (although you will never be able to take the dancing queen out of this girl). I have a clearer idea on what I want in my life and how I am going to achieve it. Is this the midwest influence or is it the fact that I can see a clear path to where I want to go?

Stacy Jill, 33, Chicago, USA