For an insomniac, I spend an insane amount of time in bed. This is my first post…I am 30. I am one month post hysterectomy, I am cancer free, I am adjusting to hormone replacement therapy. When I think that things will be okay, I am happy. When I am sad, things are very, very bad. Right now, I am sad. Overall, I am getting my bearings…

…my computer verbalizes my continuation of yesterday. It’s 4 a.m.! It’s 5 a.m.! It’s 6 a.m.! It might as well scream Bedrest! Percocet! Post-Op! I know that I’m trapped here, a prisoner of my own body and my doctor’s whimsy.

Luckily, I live in what is technically The Hollywood Hills. I say technically because I never say the words Hollywood Hills aloud to anyone…or almost never. To me, it sounds pretentious, far too Hollywood, as my friend Susan says…’soooooo L.A.!’.

But, I do live here, where I’m blessed enough to have what I think is one of the best views, without leaving my bed, in at least Los Angeles. Standing on my roof, or my balcony, and facing North, you wouldn’t know where you were if suddenly just dropped down there. Okay, sure there’s smog. Sure, you hear urban noise. But then, you’re standing there looking at beautiful scenery…mountains, canyons, trees, trails and they all just blend in together.

If I am stressed (and allowed), there is nothing better than starting a day that is just one continuation of the previous one by taking a hike in the canyons. In a place that is so big and crazy and city and urban and hustle – so L.A., I live in a building butted up against one of the most beautiful things that nature could have given me.

And in the fall, I can hear the coyotes feed. I can hear the dogs scream against the night as the coyotes feed *on them*. I can watch the beautiful orange, purple and gray streaks of light in the sky over mountains and trees as the sun sets. I can leave my apartment and walk fifty feet and pass warning signs for Rattlesnakes. The strange dichotomy that is my life here in the true concrete jungle.

The best part though, the best part by far, is the sunrise for an insomniac that the view from my bed offers. I am Angie, and I am more than happy to have turned 30 in The Hollywood Hills 🙂

Angie, 33, Los Angeles, USA