Yet another cloudless Antalya day is coming to a close, and as I listen to the sound of the evening call to prayer, I think a lot about the possibilities ahead of me. Most certainly I am at a very tangled crossroads right now; most of the things that were certainties in my life two weeks ago have been reduced to a series of very wobbly question marks. But I crave adventure, always have— I’ve been told more than once that I tend to sabotage perfectly wonderful stable situations because I’m not happy until things are all up in the air again. Perhaps there’s some truth to that. Over the past ten years, three continents and thirteen nations have endured my ferocity. Perhaps by the summer it’ll be fourteen.

As I type this, the evening has turned to rain. So much for the cloudless day.

Amazing how we know nothing, and yet we manage.

Melissa, 34, Antalya, Turkey