(I thought I’d avoid the pressure of a first post and start with a funny little story. I’ll come back with something more substantial later. Bear with me, ladies 🙂 )


Taipei Metro (MRT) authorities put this sign up at the entrance to the ladies toilets in the stations. Out of nowhere… I had no idea this was going on! My life was carefree, but now?!
What should I do? I mean, peeing is important to me. MRT toilets used to be my haven, a reliable oasis in the toilet desert that is Taipei. I knew that if I had to go, like really, really go, all I had to do is find the nearest MRT station, McD or Starbucks. What now? Should I trust that they’re going to take care of this, or should I just prepare for the worst and make sure I wear nice underwear?

Not just undies, I guess now I have to make sure other things are neat, too. Oh, I didn’t need this pressure!

Tasha, 34, Taipei, Taiwan