I’m a stay at home mother to Kate, aged 5 & Holly, aged 2. Plus a wife, lover & best friend to Andy, aged 44. Today was a fairly typical week day. Andy went off to work on the train at some ungodly hour & the rest of us surfaced at 6.30 am. We played, breakfasted, sorted the school packed lunch & went on the school run. Holly & I then went into town to buy some ariel as Kate’s school shirts seem to get dirtier, not cleaner, the more I wash them. I try & do right by the planet by using ecover non-bio, but it just doesn’t cut the mustard with grass & paint stains. Holly found this all to be rather tedious & fell asleep in her buggy. I celebrated my freedom by buying 3 books in the charity shop & reading about Liz Hurley’s wedding in OK (or was it Hello?) magazine in my favourite cafe, along with a cup of tea. Bliss 🙂

So, that was my morning in my present life. Previously, I was a banker in Jersey in the Channel Islands & thought that I was busy, busy, busy. I knew nothing about what busy really means before I had children!

Now, I live with my family & Connie the cat in a terraced house in West Yorkshire, England. Potentially, I have more time, but I also get less sleep & relaxation, so have less energy.

Anna, 38, West Yorkshire, England