I heart Los Angeles

So we started this thing and in all the excitement of finding women around the world, organising ourselves, etc I forgot someone would have to do the first post. I guess that would be me and this is it. I am sat in bed at 330pm on a Saturday afternoon with a red wine hangover, the cat is snuggled up next to me and its a beautiful day outside but when isn’t it in Southern California? I should feel guilty but I don’t but it may affect my blogging. I should introduce myself – I am Clare, I am 34 and I have lived in Los Angeles for the past 5 years. I am from a town in South East England and I moved here two days after September 11th. I actually love living in Los Angeles and get annoyed at people’s assumptions about the city and Angelenos. I do not surf, do yoga, wear a size zero, drive a gas guzzling SUV, have any thing I would consider ‘bling’, I don’t hang out at Hyde or stay at the Chateau Marmont, I don’t snort cocaine or starve myself. I do not have blond hair, wear fake tan, have fake boobs or a fake lips – in fact aside from some tattoos my body is as God intended it to be. Its a city built on illusions and it does a great job of that for the movies but underneath all of that its a wonderful city full of many exciting and different things to do. I hope to share some of this with you in future posts and hope I can break some of the stereotypes and assumptions you may have about the wonderful city of Los Angeles.

Not Goth, 33, Redondo Beach, California, USA