On 10th March 2008 30 Voices came to a close.

It was a great learning experience for all involved – we all shared some really intimate moments. Click on any of the voices in the right side column to see their posts. 

The site will stay up so any readers can dip into this experience and glimpse a view of what it’s like to be a woman in her 30s in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Atlanta, Germany, South Dakota, North and South of England, Kentucky, Belarus, Seattle, Sydney, Thailand, Queensland, and Iowa.



I typed my whole God Damned (“RUTH ELIZABETH!” my mom used to chastise when I’d “take the lord’s name in vain”.) . . . I typed my whole God Damned Last Post a couple weeks ago.  And while I was editing it, my computer overheatedand shut down before I could save the data.   (more…)

I’ve said goodbye so many times in the past several weeks that I just simply don’t want to say it anymore. How do you say goodbye to something that you’ve enjoyed so much?

I think I’d rather say what a pleasure it’s been being a part of this project and getting to know you all. This has been an amazing experience for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to this blogsite for comfort in the past few months.  When Ruth suggested I join this project I never thought it would be so rewarding.  Thank you Clare and Stacy Jill for allowing me to be a “Voice”.

I am thrilled to have developed an on-line circle of friends and hope that circle continues to grow. You will find me at Learning to Walk in Stilettos.

Jenn, 38, Belarus (at least for a few more days)

I know that I came here later than most of you, but I am happy that I did.  Thirty Voices provided me with a connection to other women in my age bracket at a time when I was feeling isolated and out of sync with everyone else.  Being home with two small children seemed to exclude me from so much, but somehow, when reading everyone’s posts, i began to feel that I could do more.

I opened up an online business selling my handmade crafts, I began writing a novel, I made new friends, and I realized that I can do more than I ever realized.  I wish I had contributed more, but I have been very waylaid by the fact that I am facing having another surgery soon, as the treatment after my first surgery (in November) didn’t take. It makes me all the more grateful that I was a part of this because now, even though I have more physical limitations than I have ever had, I am still managing to find good in all the little things in life.


First, the really great news. We are going home to Germany TODAY!! Goodbye Taiwan. Goodbye hotel room. Goodbye eating every meal in a restaurant. (Trust me, it does get old.) And goodbye Thirty Voices?

They say that all good things must come to an end, and I suppose it’s true. After all, we all grow and change, things are always in a constant state of flux making it impossible to realistically remain the same for always and forever. But I like to think that because of this perpetual forward motion that things simply grow into other things. (more…)

i came to thirty voices in september – 1/2 way through.  and it has been a wonderful experience.  thirty voices is where i discovered friendships with women i’ve never met and most likely left to my own never would have.  in the past 6 months i have picked up and hauled my family 1/2 way around the world and here i’ve been able to share some fears and insecurities.  for that i am most grateful.  i have loved the support and experience you gals have been able to provide, many of you have gone through this process and just knowing you have lived to tell the tale has been comforting.  so women of thirty voices, thank you.

monica, 37, chiang mai, thailand – my other blog is here at transplanting me.

So instead I’m saying, until.

I’ve adored this community and the diverse backgrounds and aspirations and viewpoints of the women in it. Clare and Stacy, kudos to you both for providing the needle and thread that stitched us together.

My most significant takeaway from this experience was that I was inspired to be less guarded in what I put out there. I savored the gorgeous writing done by so many bright, funny, sweet, brazen women, and it spurred me to be bolder. As much of an opinionated little crank as I can be, sometimes all that brass is just in my head or what I share behind closed doors with a chosen few. But in this case, I didn’t worry about what potential clients might think. What strangers would think. What other readers of any other sort would think. I wrote what my heart compelled and it was incredibly gratifying and fulfilling.

I’m also curious (some call it nosy) by nature, so I loved the way everyone so eagerly added slices of their lives to a communal pie. And it was a pie we could eat with our hands. No formalities. No need for polished cutlery or dainty plates.

In 4.5 weeks I’ll be on a plane for Barcelona. We’ll rest up there for a couple days and then head to the French village of Roquebrun, my home for at least the next year. One of the things that keeps my fears about this move from giving me a brain wedgie is that so many of you have transplanted yourselves, have left the familiar to wend your way through the unfamiliar. Sure, your reasons for doing so may be different from mine, but it shores me up to know you’re out there and are thriving.

Warm wishes to you all. I’m still not saying good-bye, dammit.

À la tienne!

Melissa, 39, Atlanta, USA My blogs: Hatchlings & The Other 334 Days